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Intelligence, Security & Compliance

If you need to assure your organization’s compliance with governmental requirements, mitigate risk, harden your infrastructure, or gain a competitive advantage through superior knowledge and wisdom…you need CrowdSecure products and services.

Harness the capabilities of an army of security professionals.  We develop intelligence, secure your resources, and assure compliance for governmental agencies, the intelligence community, and some of the largest commercial enterprises.

CrowdSecure draws upon a vast pool of knowledge and resources to deliver the results you need, when and where you need them. CrowdSecure delivers superior value using innovative business and sourcing models, including a bench of on-staff professionals, a virtually limitless pool of top contractors from the government, defense and intelligence communities, cloud and premise based managed services, a state-of-the-art security operations center and expertly run crowdsourced hackathons.

Everyone knows that hackers have the advantage. Isn’t it time you tapped into the resources of the hacker community for good — working together with experienced credentialed professionals to fight evil?

Imagine the benefits of tapping into a vast sensor network, constantly monitoring safety, security, service levels and reliability. We extract, transform and load actionable intelligence into our products and services and use advanced machine learning techniques to give you the advantage.


Open Source and Enriched Analytics

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Threat Protection

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

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Vulnerability Assessment

Understand Your Weaknesses

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Application Security

Build Secure Apps By Design

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User Behavior Analytics

Know Your Users and Attackers

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Managed Services

SOCs, NOCs, Hosting & Outsourcing

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Trap Attackers and Malicious Activity

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Compliance and Audits

Reduce Risk and Document Compliance

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Software Defined Security

Securing and Security Via SDN

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Next-Gen Firewalls

Firewalls with enhanced security

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Security Orchestration

Optimized Security Management

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Network and supply chain integrity

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Integrated Business, Technology & Compliance Products and Services

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There’s always some new and exciting at CrowdSecure and Black Labs, including a pipeline of innovative research & development projects so we can anticipate threats and your requirements.  We keep our skills and capabilities sharp — on the leading-edge of new business, technology, and legal trends.  Click here to learn more!